• The Scented Pilgrimage – Hajj: A Quirky Account

    • The Scented Pilgrimage – Hajj: A Quirky Account


      • “No people were harmed in the making of this diary… (only the Qurbani and the pigeon)
      • Names have been removed to avoid embarassment, mishaps, and legal suits.
      • Not intended to be informative or detailed, it’s just my day-to-day notes.
      • I have written very little about my ‘ibadah as that’s between me and Allah.
      • I didn’t keep a record of the days, so you’re going to have to work that one out for yourselves.”

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    A quirky and fascinating account of one Luton man’s journey to the Haram for Hajj.

    A must read for all those who wish to be enamoured with humour and patience before setting out on this once in a life-time experience, and for all those who yearn to re-live their treasured memories of the most sacred land on earth.

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