• Happily Ever After – Islamic Teenage Novel

    • Happily Ever After – Islamic Teenage Novel


      A unique Islamic short novel for teenagers and young adults.

      An amusing and exciting ‘must read’ exploring the lives of 3 fictional friends and their every day problems. Read about them as they discover themselves and develop into stronger and wiser Muslim girls.

      Suitable for ages 11-18.

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    Hannah, Maryam and Saara are three ordinary teenage Muslim girls living their ordinary lives, in their ordinary little town. One by one, they all face problems and difficulties which they had never expected. Can they be strong and overcome the problems they will face?

    Hannah is a tough one who cannot stand the new changes in her life, Maryam makes you laugh and can be extremely witty when it comes to her detective work, and Saara is one of the most knowledgeable girls you will meet – yet is there more to her than meets the eye?

    Read this fascinating short novel about the journeys of the three friends, as they realise how connected they really are to each other – far more than they had ever realised – all while they try to live ‘happily ever after’!

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